What is PVC Coating?


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and you may have heard about its use in certain types of stylish clothing. However, it also has a number of very important industrial applications you might not realize.

Certain machine parts can become old and useless before their time just from the regular prescribed usage. This is not a flaw in the part; it is simply the way that particular machine operates. It would not be cost or time effective for companies to constantly replace these parts, so PVC coating offers a very effective solution. By coating the parts with a protective outer layer, they can still do their function, but last much longer.

Plastico PVC coating is used by a number of major companies and the firm has a deserved reputation as one of the finest of its type in Canada.

A single source supplier, Plastico coats parts for tool and furniture manufacturers as well as the military, and aerospace and automotive industries. Plastisol is a special coating that Plastico creates in-house. It consists of PVC particles that technicians mix with special additives. When coated on to a part, it allows the piece in question to move more fluidly, which is important to ensure that machines function properly and parts do not accumulate wear and tear that shortens their lifespan. The company has a special heat press for Plastisol and, when cured properly, it transforms from liquid to solid coating material that produces great results for suppliers.

By making Plastisol inhouse, Plastico can effectively keep down costs and pass those savings on to their customers. It is also much easier to perform quality control and ensure that every batch of Plastisol can fulfil its function effectively. The company also has the ability to produce custom colours for machinery that needs to offer more visual pizazz than the usual black or industrial grey.