Showing Respect to Your Co-Workers

Whether you are a construction worker or a bank president, it is important to show respect for your co-workers. An atmosphere in which everyone is treated fairly is one more conducive to harmony, productivity, and general happiness. Here are some ways that can help to ensure you treat co-workers with all due respect.

Avoid Gossip

It can be tempting to say things about other people at work, but these “facts” are sometimes just based on rumors. So not only are you talking behind someone’s back, you’re spread falsehoods about them. If you have an issue with someone else, talk to them directly. If that doesn’t work, try speaking to your supervisor.

Make Small Talk

Small talk can often seem like an annoying waste of time, but imagine sitting day after day with people that you never speak to. Engage people in subjects that interest them, such as their children, hobbies, etc. Show some imagination; don’t just talk about the weather. Also, try to remember the names of children, spouses, etc. That demonstrates that you are paying attention and care about what is being said to you.

Respond to Communication

We all get busy at work, but repeatedly ignoring e-mails and instant messages from co-workers is simply disrespectful. Take a few seconds to reply and say something like, “I’m busy at the moment, but will get back to this afternoon.” And then follow-up like you promised.

Don’t Be Late

It’s not always possible to be on time, but being repeatedly late suggests that you have a problem with time management. Being late for meetings time after time is disrespectful and a burden to your colleagues.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Just because someone has not finished something when they promised does not mean they don’t care about you as a co-worker. People sometimes get called into emergency meetings with clients or find themselves having to deal with other situations that demand their unexpected attention. Give them the benefit of the doubt.