Looking At And Thinking About All The Different Situations In Which Drones Are Helpful

You want to know what I like to think about? The ocean, it is a magic place with all kinds of different types of life underneath it. If you think about it, the different types of ecosystems that are underneath the water are way greater than those that are above the water. It is such an amazing thing to realize that you are not the dominate species on the planet. I love that I can safely say how amazing and awesome some drones are, and more importantly how much they actually help the underwater ecosystems.

What are some of the more practical uses of drones beyond just the usual “looking at shipwrecks?” Well there are several different uses, and I think the main one is that it can help ocean health. Ocean health is one of the most important things that we have because it helps regulate things a lot. There are so many different things that drones do, and we think that about it vital to our society. It helps with engineers, and environmentalists as well! A R.O.V. is a thing that does not limit our imagination. It is something that it is going to get better as engineers as improve it!

One of these different things that can happen is having more add ons onto the drone. One such thing could be a underwater drone with camera, having cameras on your drone will allow you to see and analyze so much more. I think that there are things that we also need to consider, such as arms, the ability to take stuff from the depths, and also think about all the other things that you can add on! We live in a crazy robotic world folks… get used to it!