Innovation around TV

There is a minimum amount of equipment required to start viewing HD satellite television and with this you’ll enjoy access to all of the Dish Networks HD programming. 

Satellite TV companies make money from their networks in a wide variety of ways. There are three methods that are in general use today. 

Advertisers pay to have their promotional material shown during the transmission. They generally pay more to have their adverts shown at peak times. I do not know anyone who likes to have the advertisements distract their entertainment but it does pay for some of it. 

Many business establishments still believe that advertising through Television will prove to be expensive for them. But the truth is quite different. With the advent of Digital television, not just the people are benefitted through the numerous channels which are targeted on specific topics, the advertisers are also benefitted as they provide a highly targeted audience. There was a time when an advertiser required nearly $1 Million advertising budget and an additional amount of 100, 000 for the production. But the scenario has changed now. With an advertising budget of just $10, 000 you can execute an advertising campaign. 

If you want to advertise your products on television, the first thing you’ve got to do is to hire an agency. Such agencies can offer you priceless advice before you decide to run your advertising campaigns. These agencies also help you to plan, track and monitor your advertising campaigns. Hence, guidance and understanding of these agencies is invaluable when it is a question of running advertisements in Television. 

Paying a monthly fee for the law to be able to view channels that are encrypted. Your subscription generally gets you a smart card that is programmed with the decryption information and inserted into your receiver box. 

If you live in the UK and you possess equipment capable of receiving TV signals then by law you are required to pay a licence fee. Note that you do not have to ever use the equipment to receive and view TV; you only have to possess it. The revenue from the licence fee pays for the British Broadcasting Company or BBC and in return we do not expect to see advertising or encryption on any BBC channels. This was a good idea in the first days of broadcasting and has contributed to produce high standards all over the world. My personal opinion however is that now the licence fee serves no purpose other than yet another tax we are required to pay and I feel that the BBC should now stand on it’s own two feet. I doubt if that’s going to happen anytime soon though. 

If a broadcaster uses only advertising to be paid for their service then you may receive and view the signals without payment or subscription. If you live in the UK you still required to pay the licence fee though. 

The DBS provider doesn’t create the programmes themselves, they pay for every right to be able to broadcast them via satellite television. They act as a ‘middleman’ between the ‘programming sources’ or channels and you. 

The sattelite television provider receives signals from the programming sources at the ‘broadcast centre’ and transmits the signals out to the satellites in orbit around Earth. 

Equipment normally provided by the DBS to enable you to receive the signal from the satellite above. A receiving dish must be professionally installed somewhere on your property. 

That signal is then transferred to and decoded by the receiver. This is usually sited next to your television so that you can see the channels you have decided to purchase. 

So, there is much more to satellite TV than meets the eye but it provides us with high quality television. This is available almost everywhere on the earth. We have come a long way in a short period of time with television.