Exploring the Deeps With Under Water Drones

I am a deep sea diver. I enjoy being in the depths, and I love being in the water. My profession is to explore the bottom of the ocean, and I love doing it. I love to use my drones, it helps me when I explore things such as the ocean’s deep. I feel that one thing that makes my job easier is that I do not have to hurt myself anymore, or in other terms endanger myself, because I now have the safety of the drone helping me out. The drones are the most amazing thing that I have ever seen happen in the industry, and I cannot wait to continue to explore the oceans deep for years to come with them.

I do not think the safety can be overstated when it comes to underwater drones. Underwater drones (which have to be controlled using a tether because other communication methods like wifi do not move through water) do keep the person more safe. So now the person can be safe inside a pressurized sub instead of inside the shipwreck itself (where plenty can wrong.. believe me). I have fallen, been trapped with little oxygen and been lost at the bottom of the ocean. It is dangerous and I would never recommend it to anyone. If you are doing deep sea diving, invest in a drone. You will be happy that you did!