Your Property Is a Dump. Make These Low-Cost Changes to Start Attracting New Tenants

All that is new will eventually be old. And commercial spaces can age fast if they’re not taken care of. If you’re finding yourself hard up for new tenants, it’s time to ask yourself: is this place turning into a dump?

Trouble is, without enough tenants, you could find yourself hard up for cash to pay for much-needed maintenance. But without maintenance, you can’t attract new tenants. And so on…you see the problem.

Fear not: there are lots of ways you can cheaply spruce up your space to help attract new tenants and improve the value of your commercial space. Here are a few low-cost ones to start.


Clean Up Graffiti

Graffiti is one of the most visible red flags that you don’t care about the state of your property. So what can you do about it? You don’t want to have to invest in hiring security or installing ugly fencing.

A far easier solution is this: stay on top of the graffiti situation before it gets bad.

Vandalism is contagious. If graffitists see that you aren’t dealing with the graffiti, it sends the message that 1) their tag will also stay visible for longer than it would in other locations, and 2) there are no consequences to it. So deal with graffiti as soon as it appears.


Repair/Update Signage

Is your main signage missing a few bulbs? Flickering a bit more than it used to? Your main roadside sign is one of the biggest visual images of your property’s brand, and it reflects on all the tenants who choose to set up shop there. Make sure it makes the best possible impression on potential clients/customers and tenants will take notice, too.


Upgrade Parking Lot Lighting

Your lot serves no good if customers and clients don’t feel safe parking there. In fact, a messy and dimly-lit lot leaves a terrible impression of the entire space in general. Along with regular trash clean-up and repainting faded lines, you can instantly boost your property’s appearance (and level of safety) by switching out your old parking lot lights for brighter LEDs. Our go-to is Tradeforce Tech for LED parking lot lighting upgrades.


Add Greenery

Planting a few hardy shrubberies and trees can massively uplift the aesthetic vibe your property creates. You won’t have to hire a gardener if you choose tough native perennial plants that will survive through the winter.

Another reason to have plants? They’re a good graffiti-deterrent. Most vandals won’t bother to crawl through dense shrubs to get to the bare walls behind them, so lining your building with plants also guards it. Beautiful and useful.


Clean the Windows

It’s hard to stress what a huge difference it makes to give your windows a good clean. Most people probably won’t notice every splotch, smear and fingerprint dirtying up your windows right now, but the overall impression is there. Cleaning them top to bottom makes the space brighter, with better natural light.