Your Property Is a Dump. Make These Low-Cost Changes to Start Attracting New Tenants

All that is new will eventually be old. And commercial spaces can age fast if they’re not taken care of. If you’re finding yourself hard up for new tenants, it’s time to ask yourself: is this place turning into a dump?

Trouble is, without enough tenants, you could find yourself hard up for cash to pay for much-needed maintenance. But without maintenance, you can’t attract new tenants. And so on…you see the problem.

Fear not: there are lots of ways you can cheaply spruce up your space to help attract new tenants and improve the value of your commercial space. Here are a few low-cost ones to start.


Clean Up Graffiti

Graffiti is one of the most visible red flags that you don’t care about the state of your property. So what can you do about it? You don’t want to have to invest in hiring security or installing ugly fencing.

A far easier solution is this: stay on top of the graffiti situation before it gets bad.

Vandalism is contagious. If graffitists see that you aren’t dealing with the graffiti, it sends the message that 1) their tag will also stay visible for longer than it would in other locations, and 2) there are no consequences to it. So deal with graffiti as soon as it appears.


Repair/Update Signage

Is your main signage missing a few bulbs? Flickering a bit more than it used to? Your main roadside sign is one of the biggest visual images of your property’s brand, and it reflects on all the tenants who choose to set up shop there. Make sure it makes the best possible impression on potential clients/customers and tenants will take notice, too.


Upgrade Parking Lot Lighting

Your lot serves no good if customers and clients don’t feel safe parking there. In fact, a messy and dimly-lit lot leaves a terrible impression of the entire space in general. Along with regular trash clean-up and repainting faded lines, you can instantly boost your property’s appearance (and level of safety) by switching out your old parking lot lights for brighter LEDs. Our go-to is Tradeforce Tech for LED parking lot lighting upgrades.


Add Greenery

Planting a few hardy shrubberies and trees can massively uplift the aesthetic vibe your property creates. You won’t have to hire a gardener if you choose tough native perennial plants that will survive through the winter.

Another reason to have plants? They’re a good graffiti-deterrent. Most vandals won’t bother to crawl through dense shrubs to get to the bare walls behind them, so lining your building with plants also guards it. Beautiful and useful.


Clean the Windows

It’s hard to stress what a huge difference it makes to give your windows a good clean. Most people probably won’t notice every splotch, smear and fingerprint dirtying up your windows right now, but the overall impression is there. Cleaning them top to bottom makes the space brighter, with better natural light.

The Art Of Writing A Proper Letter

Have things like google mail, e mail, text etc killed the practice of writting a letter? Are we witnessing the passing of ordinary mail? Do people today still learn the art of letter writing? I picked up my newspaper today and was shocked by using one of the articles inside. It said that around a fifth of children in the United Kingdom have never received a handwritten letter. A tenth had never written one themselves. Yes, that’s right a tenth! A tenth didn’t know how to prepare a letter.

Most of them could send an e-mail using google mail or anything like that and they could all text or play text twist and maybe this is all they’re going to need to be in a position to do in today’s world.

I just think that it is sad that so a lot of them will never know the simple pleasure of opening an envelope and reading something that person has taken time and put some effort into writing. It all has to take place in a flash.

If you’re writing a message to a close friend or family member then open with, for example, Dear Amy or Dear grandma.

A formal letter should start with Dear Mrs Webb or Dear Sir or Madam if you do not know the name of the individual you’re writing to.

A formal way of ending a letter would be tantamount to close with one of these-Sincerely, Best regards, Thank you.

Unless you’re writing a very informal letter then you should strive to keep sentences and paragraphs within the main part of the letter short, with a line break to make the letter easier to read. Always check your spelling and grammar. Get someone else to proof read important letters for you, it is quite easy to re-read the same mistakes over and over and keep missing them.

Your complaint letter should be easy to read. It is difficult to read letters with small print or no paragraphs. It is also hard to read letters that have not been run through a spell-check. Always use spell-check when writing a complaint letter. Even if you ‘never’ spell anything wrong, it’ll be the one time you did. If you respected them enough to send a legible letter, they should respect you enough to read it.

Do children today open a birthday card and read the words, or do they just check to see if there is any money inside? Maybe sitting children down to write a scribbled thank you note to Aunt Betty is not enough anymore, perhaps we as parents should spend a little time showing our kids how to prepare a proper letter, if indeed we know how to perform it ourselves.

Letter writing has multiple benefits and profits for children of all ages. A child who is called upon to write their own thank you letters after receiving gifts can teach them a valuable lesson about gratitude and appreciation while tapping into their personal writing style. Personalized thank you cards and stationary can help them in saying thanks while providing a lesson in politeness and proper manners.

When a child practices writing letters, it can help promote better penmanship and vocabulary skills while ultimately leading to better comprehension and higher grades in school. Parents are most likely to see the benefits of this task while children might regard it as an assignment they would get in school. It is important to have your child focused on whom they’re writing a letter to, and what they wish to convey to this person in their letter.

One way to encourage letter writing is to provide your children snazzy, fun, personalized stationary that they can get excited about using. Personalized stationary with your child’s initials stamped on them can further encourage your unwilling child. Stationery with topics such as family, seasons, religious sentiments, children, or beloved children’s characters can excite your child and open doors into the exciting world of writing and journalism.

I myself am always a bit unsure how to complete a letter, is it yours faithfully, or yours sincerely? Do we still write dear Sir/Madam, or to which it may concern? Where does the address go, in the upper right, the top left, or at the bottom? Follow the rules above and you will not go far wrong.

Sometimes, you face certain situations where you may be required to write a letter addressed to an unknown recipient. Such a letter is known as ‘to whom it may concern letter ‘, as the phrase is used as a salutation. This is the way to address a letter if you want to avoid mistaking the identity of the recipient. The following ‘to whom it may concern letter’ samples will help you overcome the difficult task of writing this kind of letter.

Following is a listing of all essentials parts of a formal letter. You can write a letter effectively just by including these parts of letter in a proper sequence.

If the sender’s address isn’t mentioned at the top, it can be included below the signature. This standard template should be followed strictly when writing a formal letter. Although the agency of the letter can vary according to the theme of the letter; the layout and the flow should continue to be the same.

Paragraphs 2, 3: Include the subject of the letter, requests or complaints, or your intentions or demands, or the main purpose of the letter. You should make sure that you’re precise, clear and to the point.

Maybe letter writing ought to be a skill routinely taught in all schools. It is a skill. It tells someone reading the letter, be it a social thing or a job application, that the writer took the time to get to do something properly.

Of course, in an age where the quick fix is the norm, it is much easier to text or e-mail. Maybe that’s why sending and receiving a handwritten letter is so special, it takes time and effort. It’s a very personal thing, something to treasure.

I still have letters that my friends sent me when I was in my twenties, I keep them in a hole with pictures, ticket stubs for movies we went to see and other mementoes.Will our children, years from now, open up a box and take out print outs of e-mails or re-read their text messages, I think not.

Another interesting fact that emerged from the recent study was that boys are twice as likely as girls never to have written a letter. Maybe boys consider letter writing a girly thing, I do not know. Of those girls that have written a letter the majority of them only managed a paragraph or two. It’s not that long ago when it was seen as a waste of time and effort teaching girls how to interpret and write at all.

What is PVC Coating?


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and you may have heard about its use in certain types of stylish clothing. However, it also has a number of very important industrial applications you might not realize.

Certain machine parts can become old and useless before their time just from the regular prescribed usage. This is not a flaw in the part; it is simply the way that particular machine operates. It would not be cost or time effective for companies to constantly replace these parts, so PVC coating offers a very effective solution. By coating the parts with a protective outer layer, they can still do their function, but last much longer.

Plastico PVC coating is used by a number of major companies and the firm has a deserved reputation as one of the finest of its type in Canada.

A single source supplier, Plastico coats parts for tool and furniture manufacturers as well as the military, and aerospace and automotive industries. Plastisol is a special coating that Plastico creates in-house. It consists of PVC particles that technicians mix with special additives. When coated on to a part, it allows the piece in question to move more fluidly, which is important to ensure that machines function properly and parts do not accumulate wear and tear that shortens their lifespan. The company has a special heat press for Plastisol and, when cured properly, it transforms from liquid to solid coating material that produces great results for suppliers.

By making Plastisol inhouse, Plastico can effectively keep down costs and pass those savings on to their customers. It is also much easier to perform quality control and ensure that every batch of Plastisol can fulfil its function effectively. The company also has the ability to produce custom colours for machinery that needs to offer more visual pizazz than the usual black or industrial grey.

Angry Often? These Steps Can Help

Everyone gets angry once in a while, even people who usually have a Zen-like level of calm about them. But some constantly find themselves on edge and ready to lash out. That is not a good state to be in, and can take a toll on both physical and mental health.

The following steps won’t prevent you from ever losing your temper again, but can be a definite help in recognizing and controlling your anger before things get out of hand.


Some people believe that the best way to deal with a persistent person or problem is confrontation: put a stop to the issue right now. However, there is nothing wrong with instead practicing avoidance. If there is a certain situation or person that almost always causes your blood to boil, do your best to avoid them. That may be awkward or logistically difficult but is almost always worth the effort. If you find yourself caught in such a situation, just walk away. That may feel like a copout, but consider the alternative.


Relaxation techniques can be a huge assistance when it comes to controlling anger. One technique that is easy and possible to do anywhere is deep breathing. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. Do this several times until you feel your muscles starting to relax.

Settle for a Short-Term Fix

When angry, you’re only thinking about the here and now, not the possible repercussions that could come result from the anger. When you feel yourself in such a situation and walking away is not an option, try settling for something that will reduce the magnitude of the issue. Even if this is only for the time being, it allows you to walk away and think about a better solution than simply blowing your top.

Here are some other thoughts on anger that can be quite helpful:

Innovation around TV

There is a minimum amount of equipment required to start viewing HD satellite television and with this you’ll enjoy access to all of the Dish Networks HD programming. 

Satellite TV companies make money from their networks in a wide variety of ways. There are three methods that are in general use today. 

Advertisers pay to have their promotional material shown during the transmission. They generally pay more to have their adverts shown at peak times. I do not know anyone who likes to have the advertisements distract their entertainment but it does pay for some of it. 

Many business establishments still believe that advertising through Television will prove to be expensive for them. But the truth is quite different. With the advent of Digital television, not just the people are benefitted through the numerous channels which are targeted on specific topics, the advertisers are also benefitted as they provide a highly targeted audience. There was a time when an advertiser required nearly $1 Million advertising budget and an additional amount of 100, 000 for the production. But the scenario has changed now. With an advertising budget of just $10, 000 you can execute an advertising campaign. 

If you want to advertise your products on television, the first thing you’ve got to do is to hire an agency. Such agencies can offer you priceless advice before you decide to run your advertising campaigns. These agencies also help you to plan, track and monitor your advertising campaigns. Hence, guidance and understanding of these agencies is invaluable when it is a question of running advertisements in Television. 

Paying a monthly fee for the law to be able to view channels that are encrypted. Your subscription generally gets you a smart card that is programmed with the decryption information and inserted into your receiver box. 

If you live in the UK and you possess equipment capable of receiving TV signals then by law you are required to pay a licence fee. Note that you do not have to ever use the equipment to receive and view TV; you only have to possess it. The revenue from the licence fee pays for the British Broadcasting Company or BBC and in return we do not expect to see advertising or encryption on any BBC channels. This was a good idea in the first days of broadcasting and has contributed to produce high standards all over the world. My personal opinion however is that now the licence fee serves no purpose other than yet another tax we are required to pay and I feel that the BBC should now stand on it’s own two feet. I doubt if that’s going to happen anytime soon though. 

If a broadcaster uses only advertising to be paid for their service then you may receive and view the signals without payment or subscription. If you live in the UK you still required to pay the licence fee though. 

The DBS provider doesn’t create the programmes themselves, they pay for every right to be able to broadcast them via satellite television. They act as a ‘middleman’ between the ‘programming sources’ or channels and you. 

The sattelite television provider receives signals from the programming sources at the ‘broadcast centre’ and transmits the signals out to the satellites in orbit around Earth. 

Equipment normally provided by the DBS to enable you to receive the signal from the satellite above. A receiving dish must be professionally installed somewhere on your property. 

That signal is then transferred to and decoded by the receiver. This is usually sited next to your television so that you can see the channels you have decided to purchase. 

So, there is much more to satellite TV than meets the eye but it provides us with high quality television. This is available almost everywhere on the earth. We have come a long way in a short period of time with television. 


Is Binge Watching the New Standard?

The way we watch TV has changed dramatically over the past few years. It was essentially unchanged from the late ‘40s until the late ‘70s. At that point, home video started to become a major factor: people could now watch what they wanted, when they wanted, and were no longer limited to just what aired on television. Videotape gave way to videodiscs, and now we also have streaming.

One unexpected thing to surface with the rise of streaming is the art of binge watching. Instead of running one episode of a program, people will now sit through several in one sitting. TV production companies have certainly taken notice and responded with programming that encourages you to keep right on watching. That’s why so many shows nowadays are serialized: you can’t follow what’s happening unless you have seen them all and they hope you can’t wait to get on to the next episode. Netflix is even designed to simply lead you directly into the next episode of that same series.

Previously, the only way you could do this would be to record a bunch of episodes of a program off TV, or buy them in a DVD boxset. Of course, having them this way ensures that they will always be available when you want. Services like Netflix routinely rotate their offerings, so you might watch something and then come back a few weeks later and find that it is now gone.

Putting that aside, let’s say you don’t care about having your own video library and are only interested in what is currently available. Nothing wrong with that. However, binge watching can be a major time suck. Hours can pass without you realizing it. People who want to cut back on the amount of time they spend watching screens will certainly not benefit from having this temptation in front of them.

Canadians Using More High Speed Internet Than Ever Before, But Also Paying More for the Privilege

A new report in the Toronto Star has some very interesting information about internet usage in Canada. Not surprisingly, more and more people are using the internet and the amount of bandwidth they consume at home and on the move each month is also on the rise. The average Canadian now uses over 120 GB of data at home, plus more than 1GB on each of their mobile devices. This will undoubtedly go up as more and more people continue to ditch basic cable in favour of streaming.

With the rise of streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, plus Video on Demand and so much video content on other sites, it’s no wonder that these figures are as high as they are. This is certainly a very profitable situation for the telecom companies, though while they are happily cashing in by regularly raising prices, we are not seeing a whole lot of movement on their part to invest in expanding their services.

Not only will more people continue to demand high speed data, the delivery also needs to be faster. High definition video is compressed when streaming, but can still take up a lot of data. The new 4K Ultra Hi-Def format, even presented in such a compromised form, will require even more. Again, we are not seeing much action by providers to ensure that the infrastructure is there to ensure proper delivery. This is especially true in rural areas and the more remote parts of Canada, though the government is reportedly helping out with a financial incentive there.

Alas, the government is doing little to curtail the rising prices for the internet. Canada ranks second, behind only the United States, as the most expensive for what is becoming a basic service for a very large percentage of the world population. And that needs to change.

Lessons Children Learn from Friendship

A true friendship can greatly enrich your life. In fact, some of us hold our dear friends in higher regards than our siblings and sometimes even our parents. Friends are there for you when you need them and you reciprocate in kind. There are many lessons to be learned from friendship and these can be particularly valuable for children as they emotionally mature and learn more about how life works.

While children discover certain basics of behaviour at home with their parents and brothers and sisters, it is usually the friends they make outside the home that help to teach them about functioning in an group. While exposure to other children in school can have an effect, a child’s closer dealings with friends goes along the way in helping to define their own identity.

The time spent with friends can be educational, can further emotional development, and also improves the child’s physical health, thanks to the games and other forms of physical activities that friends engage in.

As with most everything in life, friendships are a learned skill. Children come to realize that if they treat their friends with respect, it will be shown to them in return. Interactions with a trusted person like a friend can teach children the skills they need to interact well with both people their age and adult authority figures.

Allowing children to find and foster friendships on their own is important because it teaches the child to analyze people and select ones who share common interests with them and, thus, are the most compatible.

Spending time with other children is also a great way to introduce them to new things. For example, if a parent tries to force a child to take up a sport, they will likely resist. However, if they discover the joys of that activity on their own by doing it with friends, they are more likely to engage in it on a regular basis.

In Pain Following the End of a Friendship?

During the course of their life, the average person will have several friendships that are extremely important to them. In fact, some people will hold their best friends in higher regard than their families or even spouses. It is not surprising then that when one such a friendship ends, it can be emotionally devastating.

Has a friendship that you hold in particularly high regard ended recently? Are you having trouble dealing with the emotional fallout? If so, these tips can help you to restore your balance:

Everyone changes

Do you feel you are the same person you were five years ago? How about 10 years ago? 20 years? Through a combination of maturity and life experience, we change as we grow older. That applies to other people, too. There can be a number of reasons why friendships end, but some discontinue simply because the people involved are no longer the same as they were when it started.

Accept the outcome

Sometimes a friendship will end and one party will not accept that it is over. They will cling on to the hope that it can somehow be restored. This is emotionally dangerous and can make an unpleasant situation even worse. If your friendship has ended, and you are certain that there is no mending the fence, accept this fact and move on with your life.

Try Journaling

When we are in emotional pain, it is common to bottle it up inside and just shut down. This causes it to linger and make life even more challenging. Try taking your emotional pain and putting it down on paper in a journal. This is a good way to get it out of your system and you can look back at it later on as a reminder of what you were going through if a similar situation ever arises.

Don’t Forget to Relax

One thing that is consistent about today’s world is that many people seem to have little in the way of spare time. They are busy at work and at home, and that leaves time for little else. As a result, many do not take the time they need to relax and just plain take it easy.

Unfortunately, it is crucial to have downtime built into your schedule for both your physical and mental health. There are some things you can try that will help to ensure you get the quiet time you need in order to function at their best.

Set aside some time

It can be tough when we are so busy to set aside any time that is not “productive.” You can get around that mindset by remembering that having regular downtime aids in your productivity, which makes you a more effective worker and person.

Even if it means not getting some “actual” work done, prioritize your day and then be sure to include some rest periods where you can unwind and not think about anything stressful.

Pay attention to your body

Do you find that you do not have the same amount of energy as usual? Feel like your tail is dragging in the dirt for no good reason at all? Are you suffering from inexplicable aches and pains? Has your enthusiasm for your job and other pursuits going down recently?

These are all signs that your body is crying out for a break. You can avoid reaching this point by incorporating regular breaks into your schedule.

Know that you are not wasting time

In contrast to simply wasting time, taking a few moments every day to just relax and recharge is actually time well spent. You are investing in your ability to continue functioning at the top of your game.


How to Pick the Right Gifts

There are a number of occasions every year where we buy gifts for people and yet, it never seems to get any easier to pick just the right one. Even with a hard and fast deadline (like, say, a 5:00 closing time on Christmas Eve), do you find yourself pacing up and down the aisles unsure of what to buy? Here are some tips that might help:

What Are the Person’s Interests?

Knowing this can help immensely. However, it can also be a double-edged sword. For example, if you know the person loves movies and has a lot of them, how can you be sure what to buy? The solution is to talk to them about movies without letting them know why.

Think About Their Life Situation

Buying for the “person who has everything” certainly isn’t easy. But what if the person needs some things that they either cannot afford or have simply not acquired yet? Think about items in that category. There is nothing wrong with a gift that is practical, rather than flashy.

Drop Some Hints

This can be a little tricky when talking with the actual person. However, there is no reason that you can’t discuss it with their friends or family. Also, see if they have a Wish List on Amazon or other websites.

Think About Your Connection

Whether it is a friend or family member, you have some kind of connection or common interest. Think about how that bond could translate into a gift.

And once you have that gift, don’t forget the fun…

Make It Special…and Strange!

Throw the person off by taking your practical gift and hiding inside something truly weird that they would never buy! It can be a lot of fun watching how they try to be polite, while also not wanting to seem completely shocked at the same time.




How to Control Your Temper

It is normal for a person to become angry every once in a while. However, if you are finding yourself getting mad on a regular basis over fairly trivial matters, and/or that anger is becoming increasingly violent and disturbing to those around you, there is likely a problem.

You might need to see a therapist about this issue, but beforehand, here are some tips you can try to control your temper:

Step Back

If you find yourself in a heated situation and are not sure about what you might do or say next, step back. If that means removing yourself from the room, do so. You may worry that this makes you look bad, or even childish, but that is better than the possible repercussions that could result in a far worse situation.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

One of the reasons people getting very angry is because they are already wound up. If you feel yourself getting tense, excuse yourself and practice some relaxation techniques. These can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking some deep breaths for a couple minutes. This will help to take the edge off of your anger and allow you to re-approach the situation with a clearer head.

Employ Short Term Solutions

Is your car malfunctioning and driving you crazy? Unable to get it to the mechanic right away? Instead of remaining in that frustrating situation, call a taxi or ask a friend for a ride.  That won’t fix your car, but it will fix the current issue. You can deal with the problem later on when you are feeling calm.

If these don’t work for you, look into seeing a therapist or taking an anger management course. These will help you develop alternate techniques to deal with your frustration, while also identifying what is behind the anger.